Donald G. Willoughby

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Nationality:      American


Address:          Colorado


Telephones:    Voicemail (954) 279-8541


  • Broad background of knowledge in industrial and maritime construction combined with extensive practical seagoing experience.
  • Significant experience in crisis response and risk mitigation.
  • Outstanding record at accurately foreseeing the progressive trajectory of a project and minimizing unexpected developments.
  • Excellent efficiency analysis and problem solving skills.
  • Thinking “outside of the box”

English:Native tongue::: Second language:Spanish

§         USCG 1600/3000 Master Oceans / MCA CEC Master License # 1164301

§         USCG Chief Engineer Ltd., MCA Y2 Oceans any HP motor/Gas turbine all oceans, License # 118616

§         Second Assistant Engineer unlimited Oceans/QMED unlimited any rating, License # 1180616

§         STCW all courses

§         Dynamic Position Basic, simulator Certified. Experience on Robertson, Kongsberg-Simrad, Beier and Nautronix.

§         GMDSS Operator/Maintainer with ships radar (Radio Officer) FCC # DB 00000051

§         Unlimited Radar Observer with ARPA

§         Medical person in charge

§         USSA Master Marine Surveyor, Certification # 2008198W

§         Able Bodied Seaman Unlimited with Lifeboatman

§         High Pressure Power Engineer, Certification # B 6632

§         EPA refrigerant transition and recovery, Certification # 612842475

§         PADI certified open water diver, Certification # 9303390754

§         HAZWOPER Hazardous material response Certified

§         Commercial airplane pilot, License # 2522371

§         CompTIA Certified

§         Certified Microsoft Professional

§         Certification in Technical Writing University of Los Angeles

Commercial Maritime Work History

 British Petroleum

Gulf Oil Spill Offshore Group Lead

      Contracted to BP as representative "Company Man" for the assembly and deployment of the Offshore Response Fleet for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon MS 252 oil Spill.  Initiated and developed the Hurricane evacuation and preparedness plan for Alabama Command post and related offshore assets.

European Commission Brussels

Transportation Expert

      Serve on the European Commission FP7 board for funding scientific research.

Florida Power and Light

      Offshore Specialist for the upgrading of the16 foot intake pipe intervention at the Port Saint Lucie Nuclear Power Plant.  


Supervision of the 2007 follow-up offshore deepwater inspection of the crash site by ROV and remediative intervention of the tanker “Prestige”, off the Spanish coast. 


Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC

Engineer/Relief DPO Captain

      DP 2 - ROV tender/survey vessel conducting supply boat operations GOM

MNM Boats


             DP supply boat operations GOM, temporary position.


Onsite supervisor for the petroleum recovery operation from the sunken tanker “Prestige”, off the Spanish coast.

            Finalized the procedural documentation and attended the factory acceptance tests for the prototype equipment designed and used in the project. 

            Field supervised the first ever recovery of petroleum from a sunken tanker using work class ROVs at a depth of 3,850 meters

             Maintained a running contractual audit and produced reports tracking progress and performance trajectory for a six vessel spread with 500 participants.


Chief Engineer on offshore Dynamic positioning construction supply vessels servicing TLP Gulf of Mexico Oil Platforms

            Supervised 28-30 crew and 8-12 subcontractors ashore hired to supply construction, pipes and drilling materials to the oil platforms.   

            Managed and maintained all safety, STCW 95 compliancy and electronic safety systems (GMDSS) aboard as well as USCG, Solas and ISM standards.

§         Maintained MARPOL compliancy and documentation.


Captain of a mobile survey/dive/excavation platform offshore the coast of Florida

            Managed and trained 15+ man crew as well as the engineering, logistics and science team for the excavation platform.

            Achievement of 250% increase in daily productivity through efficiency analysis of our survey methods and crew sequencing adjustments.

§         Integrated the modeling software with the GPS enabling automatic real-time chart/model synchronization.


Chief of Port Operations for a civilian contractor at the largest US Naval Base in the world

            Managed a crew of 30 for the construction, materials, and personnel naval base supply fleet.

            Managed the onshore oil spill response team of 24 as well as organize and supported extensive teams of subcontractors in this 24hr/7day operation.

            Doubled the fleet up-time functionally by correcting preventative maintenance shortfalls


Chief Operations Engineer of a 2,700 ton SWATH, 750 passengers, inspected vessel 

            Managed a ships crew of 18-24 and a steward/casino crew of more than 60. 

§         Organized, managed and passed regular coast guard dry-dock inspections.

            Developed documentation protocols for lowering costs and expediting maintenance.


Engineer/Technical Expert for deep sea operations 

            Extensive crane and deep sea winch operations (4500 meters) for the R/V Seward Johnson off the East Coast of South America.

§         Maintenance and operation of the A-frame and associated launching equipment for the two      mid-depth manned submersibles (300 and 900 meter subs). 

§         Before 1996, construction engineered for commercial fishing vessels in Alaska, as well as on numerous boats of various other configurations.

Industrial Work History

SUNDEW INDUSTRIES                                                                        1977-1987

Sr. Construction Supervisor/Production Manager for an industrial manufacturer with 60 production employees.

§         Managed the construction of a new 14,000 ft factory as well as facility additions. Administrated materials supplies, subcontractors and personnel for the building project.

§         Converted the factory from a day operation into a 24hr/7day factory with a 420% increase in productivity without a significant facility overhead cost increase, and developed employee feedback programs resulting in very low employee turnover and absenteeism.

§         Maintained all fiscal production records as well as projecting budgets.


LEIGH INSTRUMENTS                                                                      1986-1988

Responsible for quality control of electronic components for F-18 aircraft

§         SMP (system management processor, for managing ordnance) CSCS (communications control system) and deployable airfoils containing ELT (emergency locator transmitter) with a team of 6-8 in the test/hardening department in conjunction with the assembly and engineering teams.


SPAR AEROSPACE                                                                                  1986

Quality control testing

Quality control of testing protocols for proving and hardening electronic components inside the vacuum chamber at the Spar Aerospace installation at the Canadian Defense Research Board complex.


• For resource allocation a variation of Pareto’s principle (RMS: root mean square or 30% vital 70% trivial)  
• Start everything immediately and do something to progress it every day  
• If you do everything you can do what you cannot do becomes inherently doable  

• Be proactive, meet your challenges.